Magyarbusz [Info] introduces itself

The objective of the Magyarbusz [Info] professional news website is to create a bridge between bus & coach manufacturers, operators, and communities interested in the topic. We are committed to providing our readers with authentic, high-quality and professionally detailed content. In the beginning, our website – as its name suggests – exclusively dealt with the past, present and future of the Hungarian bus industry, but we had to realize that in order to follow the cutting edge of the industry, we have to look beyond the borders of the country. This is how our portal became a Hungarian-language professional news portal dealing with bus industry of the entire world. We have a long and bumpy road behind us, but today we can say that Magyarbusz [Info] has grown into the most read news site specifically dealing with buses in Hungary.

Who are we?

Magyarbusz [Info] was founded in 2011 by two young bus enthusiasts, Péter Kun and Gellért Patthy. While one of them turned to the manufacturing side of the industry, the other gained experience on the operational side, but they had one thing in common: a commitment towards the bus industry. The popularity of the website has been increasing constantly, which required more and more time and energy from the creators. In 2017, József Ludányi joined the team, who brought new dynamism to the website. Thanks to him, we were able to increase the content amount, and thus our readership started to rise more steeply. József still takes main role in the operation of the website, so we can say that our team is complete with him.

What have we achieved?

Our website never had a big budget, therefore building up a readership took a relatively long time. However, we can say that persistent quality work pays off. Since the foundation of Magyarbusz [Info], more and more domestic and international professional events has asked us to be their official media partner, and more and more companies see potential in advertising on our platforms or support our work. Thanks to these, we are able to develop our equipment and we are able to reach more and more places to inform our readers about what we see and hear. It is also thanks to our sponsors we could start the year 2023 with a complete renewal of our image, which has grown up to the quality of our contents by now.

What are our goals?

Our goal is to continue our conscientious work that started more than a decade ago and raise it to an even higher level. We plan to gradually supplement our portfolio with other vehicle industry sectors, as an initial step we founded MBI Média Ltd., which will bring together the various sectors as an umbrella. We believe that we can maintain our usual quality and credibility in these sectors as well, thus reaching even more readers.

Why is it worth it working and advertising with us?

Our basic principle is fair journalism and fair cooperation. Although speed is a competitive advantage in journalism, it’s our belief that this shouldn’t be at the expense of quality and fairness. That’s why, before writing each article, we’re thoroughly informed, we ask questions and consult with the concerned companies and organizations as necessary. However, we see an excellent opportunity not only as a medium: we can say that the range of our readers almost fully consists of people whose primary interest is the bus & coach industry and transport, and in addition, leading market players also constantly monitor our content. The size of our reader base is well reflected by the nearly 2 million page downloads per year and 30,000 followers in the social media.

Get in touch with us!

If you would like to contact us regarding our content, please write an e-mail to us at If you would like to advertise on our platforms or would like to contact us regarding any other partnership cooperation, send us an e-mail at